Saturday, November 19, 2016

Get out the dusting rag...

Time to dust off the cobwebs and get this blog back up and going!

We have a new addition to the family!

First, Lilah Grace's adoption was final back in September a month before her 4th birthday! We are thrilled to finally have that process complete and thought our family was complete as well.

Well - we were mistaken as her bio parents had yet another baby and he is now HOME with his siblings.  Like Lilah Grace this isn't something we planned, but still he is very much wanted and loved here. Yes, we will be adopting him as well.

Please follow me on our parenting journey as we explore parenting this little one who happens to have an extra chromosome 21 (Trisomy 21) otherwise known as Down Syndrome.  This is a new journey for us but we are making it on a leap of faith with the support and love from YOU, our village!

Welcome with love,  Nolan -

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